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Past Daniels 

Zijian Zhang (China)

It is a learning experience with good teaching and genuine fellowship. The spirit of God is upon this house.

Frency Varghese (India)

Out of hundred people, one person reads the Bible, rest ninety nine look at a Christian to see Christ, I can see Christ in Professor Alex.

Gordon Hyppolite (Brooklyn, NY)

At first it was challenging. It wasn?t too bad at all, but when looking back at it, I see how much I have grown. The cool thing is that you get to test your abilities- cooking, singing, leading etc

Tonny Sserubiri (Uganda)

It?s a wonderful experience to live in a multi-national Christian family. At HOD, we have been able to share in everything ranging from meals, to worship. As a Ugandan/African I can now boast on fairly understanding the various cultures around the world. This is due to the fact that I have lived each day at Syracuse interacting with nationals from all the continents. Above all these, the love of Christ has manifested in this family.

Jude Wallis Singh (India)

HOD has been a real blessing to me. It has been like a home away from home. I always enjoy being at HOD. The spiritual atmosphere is wonderful. I meet a lot of Christian brothers and sisters who share the burden of God. I have grown a lot and have experienced the love of Jesus at HOD

Philip Owusu (Ghana)

My living in the HOD has truly been blessing and humbling experience. I have had the opportunity to interact more more deeply and shared with students from different culture and nationalities. I have been greatly enligthened about many thing. I possibly could not have had; though each one of us is different yet we find unity as brothers and sisters in Christ.I have also realized that i had some abilities, which i have not explored.

Sanjo Yogiaveedu (India)

I come from an Eastern Catholic (Syro Malabur) background family. My living experience at HOD for the past one year helped me to think my spiritual life, in a better way. The daily devotion in the morning had a great impact in my spiritual life. The most I liked was the bible study. The spiritual guidance and thought by Professor Alex had enlightened me. The love and caring provided by Professor Alex and his family I never felt while I was away from my parents. My experience at HOD was fruitful and great.

David Danda (India)

Fed Alexandre (Haiti)

Liz Cosby (U.S)

Titus Chintapally (India)

Hye-ryen You (South Korea)

Chelse Kowal (USA)

Living at HOD was a total blessing. Waking up each morning and going to worship and devotion helped my faith to grow in unimaginable ways. Living together with many international students helped my interest in other countries and their cultures to grow. One of my favorite things about living in HOD was having dinner together as a large family. The food was terrific and the Godly conversations were even better. I learned so much about God while living at HOD and I felt the closest to God than I have in a long time.

Nilo Alcala (Philippines)

I was able to get connected with Professor Alex and the House of Daniels through orange house. Their house was still located at 200 Brookford Rd. back then. Prior to that, my mother, a Godly woman, had told me that in her dream she saw that when I arrive in the United States, I would be living in a huge white house with a glass door. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw the house the day I arrived in August of 2007. It was just as my mother told me. The House of Daniels is indeed my family here in Syracuse, in every sense of the word. Interestingly, my friends back home would jokingly call me "The"-Nilo or Danilo (a Filipinized name for Daniel) ? I believe I am truly a Daniel.

Clara Yang (USA/Taiwan)

Aniekan Udoh (Nigeria)

HOD is definitely a lighthouse. My heart resonated with that word when I first heard it. I have been blessed from the first time I came here, by the faith in action at HOD. I am blessed by the morning devotions and I have learned a lot from Prof Alex and the rest of the International family. Everyone has a unique, colorful addition to bring to the table. I have been mostly amazed at the diversity of backgrounds represented here and marvel at the way so many have congregated, like moths to a light. I am blessed by the service oriented-ness of the whole family, from the top to Asha, so willing to truly wash others feet. Finally, I'm blessed by an opportunity to exercise my gift(s). The Lord told me that I'll "see the nations worship" and it's unfolding before my eyes. HOD will always be dear to me and I know that our best days are yet ahead. To God be all the glory!

Jonathan Han (USA/Singapore)

Marian Jacob (India)

My living experience has been interesting. Although I am not a student at S.U or have not permanently lived here for a period of time, I have spent quite some time here. I have learned a lot here, such as many acronyms, faith, life ahead, etc. When I come here it?s like a home away from home. I like the spiritual atmosphere at HOD. I hope this will help students now and in the future.

Hyeyun Bae (south Korea)

Yinan Liu (China)

May (china)

Born in a Christian family, I did not fully come to Jesus Christ till this year ?2008. So much has happened at the time when my mind was too occupied to think thoroughly over it. But at the end of the year, when I look back, my heart is filled with appreciation of God.

Elisabeth Wondimu (Ethiopia)

Hyunwook kang (south Korea)

Yu Shu

This is the first place where I got used to everything in America, and whereever I go I won't forget this place and the people I lived with. God led me to this place; from this place I came to know God more, and be willing to be guided in the future.

Joseph Lee

This place is full of God?s love. HOD has increased my faith and extended my vision. Every morning, worship gave me impression and the people who I met on HOD have become family God?s love. I always give thanks to God for giving me a chance to live in HOD and giving me a Christian family. I really want to recommend to other people to find God?s vision to you in HOD

Thembinkosi Mkhatshwa (Peter)

I found the Thevaranjans to be an honest family in the sense that most of the promises made to me were kept. Through living at HOD, I learned the discipline of starting the day with GOD through the morning devotions. Learning to live with people of different cultural background is yet another thing I benefited by living at hod. Also, I found the Thevaranjans to be selfless leaders while also good role models of people who not only preach the word but also do their best to live it out. I did not always agree with every teaching but I really learned a lot about GOD through studying the word of GOD jointly with hod members.

Emmanuel Mukose

David Mwanzia

Elisante Masai

Jiahao Lin (Johnny)

Lydia Perera

Staying at The House Of Daniels helped enrich my spiritual life and draw me closer to God. It gave me an opportunity to use and honor the spiritual gifts God has given me.

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