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Pro. Alex's testimony-: Our three children have graduated from SU and moved out. To fill the vacuum in our hearts, God moves in Daniels from multiple countries and has made us a father and mother of many nations! And we love our multinational family.
Charis | From: Ghana, Ph.D. student at SU: At HOD, I found a community of people that encourages one another to live like Christ did -desiring and doing God’s will.
Lisa: House of Daniels has been a safe house and a training ground for me. I was going through a rough time in life when Uncle and Aunty took me and my daughter under their wings. I have been able to grow as a person and in my relationship with God here and be trained in the 'school of life.
Rupert: HOD has helped me to grow and mature both mentally and spiritually, as well as to know what it's like to live as the body of Christ.
Niru: I got my job offer through the HOD network!
Mary- I am the daughter of Chinese immigrants and teach at SU. It is a joy to be part of a loving multinational family.Click to Edit This Title
Sajid: I feel at Home in HOD. Most of my problems were solved because of the information that I collected from the members of the House. I got an on-campus job.
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Dumebi: HOD gave me a first-hand experience of what it felt like to live with international students. This made my transition into the SU global community unchallenging.
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