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Weekday Morning Devotions (Mon-Thur, 7-8 am)

This is the backbone of the Comstock House of Daniels. It motivates Daniels to go to bed early and to start each day in God’s presence. The hour begins by each Daniel learning to praise and pray to God. After the hour ends, there is an optional breakfast available to Daniels.

Friday Cleaning (Fri, 7-8 am)

On Fridays, we have a time of devotions followed by cleaning. Cleaning is a time to keep our house clean and rooms clear of clutter. It also serves as a reminder to keep our hearts clean and mind clear of clutter.

Saturday events

Every Saturday, Daniels from the two houses (i.e. Comstock and Vincent HOD) come up with activities to help us refresh and bond with one another. Activities range from educational to leisure activities, and always leave us joyful and refreshed.

Trips to various sites

We regularly organize trips to maximize bonding among Daniels. In the past, we have taken trips to the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, New York City, Washington D.C., and others. Transportation to the location is provided for free. 

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