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D r e a m-D r i v e n L e a d e r s

Today, most universities are giving degrees without direction and knowledge without wisdom. As a result, many students are driven by a desire to be rich and famous.

Such a dollar-driven and self-centered life not only disappoints students in the end but also makes the world an unsafe place.

In contrast, dream-driven leaders are those driven in life by their dream. The pursuit of their God-given dream makes them happier in life and the world a better place.

House of Daniels (HOD) seeks to raise-up as such dream-driven leaders students from various nations and religions.  

SSOL: Saturday School of Leadership 7-8 pm

SSOL is the main vehicle HOD uses to unite and raise-up such dream-driven leaders.

The aim of SSOL is to help students find and fulfill God's dream for their lives. SSOL will end each Saturday with the family dinner. 



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