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Christ-Centered Leaders

Christ-centered leaders seek to obey the teachings of Jesus in their lives. They are essentially disciples of Lord Jesus Christ whom Jesus promised will come to know the truth and be set free from the power of sin to be the salt of the earth and bring God glory.

In other words, Christ-centered leaders are those who have a passion for God, compassion for people and a vision to change the world.

The Comstock House of Daniels seeks to raise-up such Christ-Centered leaders irrespective of the denominations (Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, Charismatics or Pentecostals) in which they were raised up. Christian students who desire to be a part of the inter-denominational leadership community is required to make a one-hour a day commitment.

These CC leaders will also join the DD leaders on for the Saturday School of Leadership from 7-8 pm. The CC leadership goes beyond DD leadership to training students to be Christ-like or godly. 

G= Giving                  O = Overcoming               D = Daring              L = Leading                Y = Yearning

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