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The two Houses of Daniels (HOD) located around Syracuse University are leadership communities. They are dedicated to providing a safe place for international students while they are studying in USA.    

Daniel was a talented, dedicated, and devoted young man who was away from his home country and was being schooled for three years with a potential for royal service upon graduation.  In other words, Daniel resembles the many international students who come to America for academic training with a hope of a great job upon graduation. Over the years, HOD has been a home away from home for more than 300 such international students from more than 30 countries!  


The (200) Vincent HOD is an inter-faith leadership community dedicated to housing students of any faith. The (815) Comstock HOD is an inter-denominational leadership community dedicated to housing students of any Christian denomination. Prof Alex and his wife, a Christian couple, also live in this house. 

The Comstock HOD is located opposite of Women's Building on the Syracuse University Campus. The Vincent HOD is a mile away near the south campus.


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